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We provide training in security from hardware to the cloud covering HDL development, secure algorithms, side channel analysis, computer and network forensics.

Professional Services

We provide digital forensic, e-discovery services and penetration testing and assessment.

Design Services

We provide design and test services for secure products such as smart cards and IoT devices and advise on blockchain implementation.

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Our Latest Security Articles

Cyber Physical Security

As governments and national authorities come to grips with cyber warfare, attention has turned to critical infrastructure; so-called because a successful attack on such a system can cause great disruption possibly leading to loss of life. Amongst critical infrastructure are energy plants, emergency networks and financial networks. It is the nuclear branch of the energy

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Automotive Security

The automotive industry has seen a dramatic increase in security measures uptake as manufacturers come to terms with the implications of having weak or no security in a product that has been used so many times as a weapon. Combined with the rush to build intelligent self-drive cars has led to the industry being squeezed

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protect IP

Secure IC Design

The old way of delivering a product to market was to reuse as much IP as possible and verify that the correct functionality has been achieved. Todays secure systems such as smart cards and embedded systems can no longer rely on this design method.

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rootoftrust training provides the skills to counteract attacks

Attacking Hardware

Embedded devices can be attacked in numerous ways to leak privileged information. These attacks focus on vulnerabilities in the implementation of secure functions or in the chip itself. Countermeasures have been proposed to tackle these vulnerabilities singularly however attackers now use multiple attacks to achieve the same aim. The most popular attacks are described below.

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secure semiconductor chip

Hardware Trojans

Due to the proliferation of semiconductor and embedded devices in all areas of industry including telecommunications, e-commerce and security, the threat from hardware trojans has never been greater or more menacing. Learn what they are and what you can do about them.

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