Secure hardware has become an essential addition to security in a wide range of markets – financial transactions, access control product tagging, and mobile communication to name but a few. The hardware is present in many formats depending on the connection and security services that must be provided.

Secure hardware is sometimes catergorised by the industry in which the device will be active in which further defines what security services must be provided, the structure of the hardware used, the level of self-protection the device must have (termed tamper-proofing) and the physical characteristics of the device. As an example, the secure hardware used in e-identification and e-passports must provide confidentiality of information stored on the device, be able to provide cryptographic functionality and have a high level of tamper proofing. These factors as well as the physical characteristics of the device are usually standardised by international bodies such as the ISO, IEC.

Rootsoftrust provides training in the development of secure hardware and which standards have to be met for particular markets. We provide training covering the

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